Summer dates:

6/24 1:30-3:30: Guest speaker on prophesy

7/22 1:30-3:30: Guest speaker on purity

We gather to encourage, embolden and bless each other as we seek God’s will for our lives and learn to live in the light and truth of Jesus Christ.

We want men to

  • Know and find their identity in Christ
  • Stop looking at what the world says about us and start looking from the Father’s perspective
  • Realize that He has overcome the world so we can overcome the world because He is in us
  • Understand that God has affection for us even in our weakness, especially in our weakness, Be amazed at how much God loves us


There will be coffee, breakfast snacks, fruit and juice.

We pray, discuss a topic and then go where the Spirit leads us.


Chad Stabler:

Dave Mieras:

Bradley Edwards: